Dylan’s Workshop

Drumnsaoo Garden Sheds recently completed a variation of our deluxe children’s storage shed for a special young man.  Dylan wanted his very own workshop for “storing his tools” and carrying out his “work”.  The below photos track Dylan’s workshop from the early days whenever it was manufactured in our very own workshop.


The workshop measures 10 foot by 8 foot and stands 6 foot tall allowing for a mezzanine level inside complete with stairs to the first level.  This is becoming a very popular extra within our children’s storage shed range.

The photos demonstrate the high quality finished and the fine attention to detail that Dylan undoubtedly applies to his own work.  The shed was then painted in his favourite colour. Drumnasoo Garden Sheds are very happy to receive your or your children’s specific requirements to design and construct their very own dream playhouse or workshop, whatever the case may be 🙂

You can view more photos of Dylan’s workshop in our Bespoke Sheds section.

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